Thursday, February 15, 2007

No-Touch Knockout Fraud Exposed

You know, sometimes I just feel so out of the loop. How was I suppose to know that there was a perfect video circulating around that shows just how fraudulent the no-touch knockout hype is all about? Where are all the guys who normally send me these links?

Now, I’m not talking about the George Dillman clip form the National Geographic special, or even the clip featuring Darren Brown.

No, this clip is from Japan and features Yanagi Ryuken (ryuken = dragon fist), a supposed 10th degree black belt in five traditional martial arts.

Problems with Bio Info of Yanagi Ryuken

First of all, according to the Internet, Yanagi Ryuken is a “Daitouryu Aikido” practitioner. What is “Daitouryu Aikido?” Do they mean Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu? If so I feel very sorry for legitimate Daito Ryu practitioners. I wouldn’t want this guy claiming to represent my art.

However, according to Yanagi Ryuken, his system is based on koryu jujutsu arts (unnamed), with Aiki, Qigong, and other mysterious elements mixed together.
In addition, Yanagi Ryuken is also supposed to have won over 200 Val Tude (anything goes) fights. You think with that many victories there would be more written about the man. I couldn’t find anything.

Video Clip #1

Watch this clip and make up your own mind.

If you believe what you’re seeing, please send a check to Yachigusa Ryu Aiki Bugei Dojo for $1,000.00 and I’ll send you the “secrets” so you too can learn to do these techniques. Money back guarantee not valid in any of the 50 states of America, or any other continents where some form of terrestrial life exists.

For those who don’t believe... well we now know nothing is wrong with your sanity.

Video Clip #2

Yanagi Ryuken Versus Iwakura Goh (Team Barbosa Jiujitsu Japan)

My Personal Comments

"Evil Gary" wants to say that Yanagi Ryuken got just what he deserved. He got the crap beat out of him, because what he claimed to do doesn’t exist. He met a skeptic, and the skeptic beat him. Beat him bad.

Furthermore, "Evil Gary" has to wonder why such a great fighter, a winner in 200 Vale Tudo matches, didn’t look like he could whip cream. The guy he fought was clearly a lot younger, and less experienced. I mean he isn’t a 10th degree black belt in even one system, let alone five.

"Compassionate Gary" sort of feels sorry for this old guy. Obviously, there is something mentally wrong with the man, since he seems to really believe he has mystical powers. Clearly he is delusional.

I mean, he must be delusional, since in one post I read he actually claims to fight ghosts.

To bad Iwakura Goh wasn’t a ghost. Maybe then Yanagi Ryuken wouldn’t have suffered several broken teeth, and numerous cuts to his nose and lips. Maybe then he wouldn’t have looked like a buffoon. Sorry, I'm being evil again.

"Gracious Gary" appreciates that Yanagi Ryuken publicly admitted he had the lost the match, even though he blamed heart trouble for his loss. At least he didn’t mention anything about the old "tongue and toe defense."

Further more, "Gracious Gary" wants to thank Mr. Ryuken for showing what happens to, and will happen to, anyone who dares to fight using such fictional skills. Mr. Ryuken did more in 2 minutes of getting his butt kicked to dispel this myth than months and months, maybe even centuries of debate ever has.

Closing Comments

Okay, I’ve had my fun discussing these two video clips.

On a more serious note I think video clip #2 clearly illustrates what every skeptic already knew. There is no such thing as no-touch knockouts. They just don’t exist.

You can argue the issue as much as you want to, but fact is fact. Sorry to burst your little bubble.

Like I said, I’m not sure if I feel sorry for, or respect Yanagi Ryuken for at least meeting the challenge. Sure a great deal of money was involved, and I’m sure he saw dollar signs, but at least he was willing to back up his claims. That’s more than the likes of George Dillman, or his army of generals ever has done.

The good thing in this case is that Yanagi Ryuken has now decided to retire, and will no longer accept challenges.

The bad thing is that I’m sure some of Yanagi Ryuken’s students, and other gullible individuals like them, will still believe. They’ll find some excuse for what happened that day, dismiss reality, and go on arguing that no-touch knockouts do exist.

Worst yet, these individuals will find others gullible people to believe them. I guess what David Hannum said was true, there is a sucker born every minute.”1

1 Quote is attributed to P.T. Barnum, but was actually said by David Hannum. Source “P. T. Barnum Never Did Say "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute" By R. J. Brown

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