Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dit Da Jow Formulas

The following recipes are for external use only. I make absolutely no claims to their usage. Some of my students swear by them, and others have had mixed results. If your body breaks out in a rash immediately flush with water and do not reapply.

Recipe #1---For Bruising and Arthritis

Ingredients –

Alcohol (Vodka, Brandy, Rice Wine, even Rubbing Alcohol) 1 pint per 4 ozs. of herbs

Equal portions of each:

Arnica Blossoms - (anti inflammatory)
Comfrey - (anti inflammatory) * hard to find
Blessed Thistle - (blood purifier)
Goldenseal Root - (antibiotic)
Ginger Root – (circulation/wound healing)
Myrrh - (antiseptic/wound healing) *Myrrh is a resin
Sarsaparilla Root - (blood purifier)
Which Hazel - (anti inflammatory)

Grind all herbs and mix together. Add alcohol and let sit for at least two weeks, shaking mixture every few days. Note use a glass container. After a month strain out herbs.

Recipe #2 ----All Purpose

Ingredients -

I bottle of strong rice wine
Artemesia -- 5 grams
Borneol -- 1 gram
Carthamus -- 5 grams
Catechu -- 8 grams
Cinnabar -- 5 grams
Cirsium -- 1 gram
Dragon’s Blood -- 30 grams
Mastic -- 5 grams
Musk -- 1 gram
Myrrh -- 5 grams
Pinella -- 5 grams

Take all herbs and grind them into a fine powder. Mix together and store in dark place. Do not use plastic container. Shake mix every other day. This recipe can be used right away, but gets better with age.

Recipe #3----Iron Palm Formula

Alcohol – 1 to 2 quarts

1 oz of each of the following ---

Calendula (Marigold)
Common Club Moss
Shepherd’s Purse
Sting Nettle
St. John’s Wort
Wintergreen Oil
Cow Parsnip
Yellow Dead Nettle

Grind into powder and mix all ingredients, Store in dark place, shaking mix once or twice a week. Wait at least a month to use, but the older it gets the better it works.

Recipe #4 ---Joint Pain

WARNING !!!!! Extremely hot, don’t get anywhere near the eyes. Apply with CAN BLISTER THE SKIN ice cube to water formula down. Use a little until you see if you will break out in rash. .

One container of Vaseline (or related product)
One container of Vicks (any brand will do)
1 to 3 ounces of Capsicum (ground Chile or Cayenne pepper)

Melt Vaseline and vapor rub in pot. When melted add peppers. Mix well. Pour into container and let it cool off. DO NOT USE IN MELTED FORM.